Bikewise cycle hoop cast in fully pigmented, self finished, high impact resistant, zero maintenance, *Terrathane polyurethane. Cast onto a mild steel core. 800mm height above ground , 800mm wide .Root fixed at 250mm. This unique hoop is the only hoop on the market that will NEVER damage the frame of a Bike parked against it, unlike stainless steel or powder coated versions.
*Terrathane is a polyurethane elastomer which is unique to Watts and is used in the manufacture of our Streetwise bollards. It is distinguishable from typical engineering grade polyurethane by the fact that it will yield slightly to the touch. It is through pigmented and will never chip or scratch, unlike other types of polyurethane.
Coming soon – Sheffield Cycle hoop in Terrathane with tapping bar for signage and/or advertising opportunities
This cycle hoop comes with the option for reflective tape at an additional charge.

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