24 10 2016

Increasing Sustainability in Street Furniture Procurement

2016-10-24T17:02:03+01:0024th October 2016|Design, News|

Sustainability is a buzzword for anyone bidding into local authorities and street furniture tenders. All construction trades are now under mounting pressure to secure sustainable procurement of materials, services and works, whilst also achieving at the same time value for money. Sustainability is playing an ever-larger role in the tendering procedure and the award of [...]

24 10 2016

Colourful Bollards Can Help Reduce Vandalism

2016-10-24T16:52:22+01:0024th October 2016|Bollards, Design, News, Safety|

Vandalism affects all of us and can hit maintenance budgets hard. But sometimes the vandalism is so creative and the costs of removal so small, that it can’t help but raise a smile. This was the case in Dumfries last year when it was the victim of the yarn bombing of its bollards.  Yarn bombing [...]