Welcome to the Bollard Shop

Why Bollards?

Bollards form the most important element in demarcating and protecting pedestrian areas and buildings. Whether the location is city, coastal, retail, warehouse, parking or any other public space, Watts Street Furniture have the bollard designed for that environment.

For the traditional locations, we have over 30 bollards in our Heritage range. These include the popular styles like the Manchester bollard available in both full width and slim versions. Alternatively they may designed for specific boroughs like Oxford, Westminster and Forest of Dean where either civic pride or the need to match existing streetscapes is important. The third group in the Heritage bollard range are those used in specific retail settings.

Streetwise & Impactflex

The Streetwise range comprises 6 standard bollards available in 130 and 155 in either dome or flat top versions and in 105 and 150. Each of the Streetwise bollards comes with reflective tape options. The seventh Streetwise bollard is Watts 155 anti-ram designed for those locations where a vehicle needs to be stopped before any impact is made with the building or pedestrians being protected.

Recognising there are locations where there is a need for bollards which flex when hit rather than require replacing or refitting, Watts Street Furniture designed its innovative range of 3 impact flex bollards. These are based on the Streetwise 130 and 155 and the standard Manchester designs, but made from Terrathane to a specific design.

Cycle Hoops

Watts Sheffield cycle hoops are manufactured from the same Terrathane® material that we use for our Streetwise bollards. This highly durable and resilient elastomer material, reinforced with a 40mm steel core is through pigmented, meaning that it will never require painting and so requires zero maintenance.

Watts cycle hoops offers unsurpassed frame protection and security. On a typical stainless, powder coated or painted steel hoop, the painted frame of the bike will scratch as steel rubs against steel, but the special Terrathane® coating of the Watts cycle hoop totally eliminates this. Unlike some conventional polyurethane hoops, will not chip or scratch whilst still providing total security for the bike.


Why Polyurethane?

polyOur Polyurethane blends were formulated with today’s ever-changing environments in mind. Ultrathane 6000® Polyurethane which is used in our ‘Heritage’ style bollards such as the Manchester and Slough bollards. This type of polyurethane is extremely hard wearing, requiring zero to minimal maintenance and is completely non-ferrous, with the bollards needing only one-man installation.

Terrathane® Polyurethane, used in our Streetwise and Impact flex flexible bollard ranges as well as our RidgeRack and Sheffield Cycle hoops. This polyurethane blend offers high resistance to Impact damage and is shatterproof. The material is through-pigmented meaning that the bollards will never need repainting and is a complete no maintenance material!

Our expertise – Watts Urethane Products Ltd

bollard_topWatts Street Furniture are part of the Watts group of companies and have over 45 years expertise in the design and manufacture of cast polyurethane products including bollards, post & rail and cycle parking products.

Other products Watts Urethane makes includes industrial parts for commercial and industrial machinery as components and manufactured to customer specifications; squeegee blades for the print and floor cleaning global markets; re-bonded, press-on band and re-covered wheels for vertical access equipment and fork-lifts; and develop technical solutions to resolve customer problems and enable their products to perform in many different environments.

Watts Urethane is used to designing products that protect budgets and people and comply with regulations.